Baldur’s Gate 3’s Unlockable Sex Scenes, Explained

One of the most talked-about features of Baldur’s Gate 3, thanks in part to a particularly raunchy scene between the Druid Halsin and Astarion, is its inclusion of sex scenes and nudity. In Baldur’s Gate 3, players can engage in relationships and romances with a variety of characters across Faerun. When these relationships reach a certain level, players can choose to engage in an intimate moment with their lover.

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Sex scenes in Baldur’s Gate 3 are not exactly quick to unlock, and it can be confusing to understand just how to successfully set up a night in the hay with a chosen companion once all the requirements are met. Follow this guide to understand how to build up a relationship with companions, and how to initiate an intimate moment with your lover.

Relationships Must Be Nurtured To Unlock Sex Scenes

Baldurs Gate 3 Sex Scene Romance Guide Gale Cutscene

Though there are a handful of exceptions, players must typically progress a relationship past several steps before the choice to engage in a night of fun is unlocked. By talking to companions at the camp during a Long Rest, showing interest in their interests, and respecting their choices and aligning with their beliefs, most companions and other romanceable characters will become interested in the player’s character.

Some characters only have sex scenes that unlock after several previous steps, like going on a wine and stargazing date with Shadowheart, learning how to manipulate the Weave with Gale, or going out to eat with Karlach in the city of Baldur’s Gate.

Other characters don’t ask much of the player at all – it’s easy to unlock Lae’zel’s first sex scene after saving the Druid Grove just by succeeding in combat and agreeing with her choices and harsh way of going about things. Astarion is another companion who is easy to bed, provided players have sided with him often and learned he is a Vampire by the time of the Druid Grove party.

BG3 Sex Scenes Are Only Available After Major Events

Baldurs Gate 3 Sex Scene Romance Guide Astarion Party Cutscene

Sex scenes in Baldur’s Gate 3 are not as common as some might like to portray it – characters won’t be going to bed with each other every Long Rest. Instead, the ability to invite companions to bed is typically only available after major events. Completing major quests, overarching plots, and progressing a relationship in other ways can give players the option to invite their lover to spend the night with them.

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The first major event like this is after the defeat of the Goblin Camp, when Tieflings and Druids visit the player’s camp for some merriment. Here, players can talk to their companions, learn more about them, and ask about how they can get to know them closer.

In these dialogues, the choice to ask a companion to spend the night with you may come up, depending on their attitude towards your character. If they respond positively, it’s on – the next time you go to bed (usually), invite that companion to share your bed for the night. As mentioned above, not all romanceable characters in BG3 will have a sex scene this early in the game. If players do end up going to bed alone after all, they may still have bonded with their chosen lover in some way, progressing the relationship and eventually leading to another chance.

How To Initiate A Sex Scene In Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldurs Gate 3 Sex Scene Romance Guide Lae'zel Cutscene

Once players have built up a more-than-friends relationship with a companion, and have successfully navigated the dialogue to confirm a mutual desire, there’s only one thing left to do: go to bed. At the Camp, during a Long Rest, players can either click on their bed or the campfire to use resources and end the day. After confirming which supplies you would like to use to fuel the camp, a new dialogue option will appear to invite your lover for a bit of romantic one-on-one time.

If players have successfully flirted and established a romantic interest in more than one companion, they have to make a choice the next time they sleep. Players can’t initiate two different sex scenes with two companions on the same night. However, the companion who isn’t selected will still be an option later on, as long as you continue to maintain the relationship, and as long as they don’t harbor ill will towards your other lover.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available for PC, and is set to release on PlayStation 5 on September 6, 2023.

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