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  • Chart of life expectancy in the United States

    Visual Capitalist created the US life expectancy chart below based on data from the US Government’s Office of Social Security. Of course, the average life expectancy is going up across the board. Back in the 19th century, global life expectancy averaged just 29 years. Meanwhile, life expectancy increases with the age of the individual. On […] More

  • Landlord Wins Against Fraudulent Tenant in Rental Scandal

    Remember the Airbnb host who refused to leave the guest house she stopped paying for, causing the homeowner a lot of stress and money? Here’s another tenant-from-hell story, also based in Los Angeles: In late 2021, a Santa Monica apartment owner went to her 3-bedroom apartment to inspect it after the tenants had moved out. […] More

  • Twitter the only platform not “bought and paid for,” says man who bought and paid for Twitter

    Elon Musk, rationalizing the flight of major advertisers from Twitter after an antisemitic remark he admits is the dumbest thing he ever posted, now claims that it’s the only platform that isn’t “bought and paid for”. Thing is, though, it was bought and paid for by him. The state of Twitter is a direct consequence […] More

  • John Deere must face right-to-repair lawsuit, rules court

    John Deere must heere a right-to-repair lawsuit filed against it by customers sick of its efforts to prevent them repairing their own equipment, reports Reuters. The agricultural giant John Deere wanted to dismiss claims (pdf) alleging that it operates a monopoly through its products and the ability to service them. The suit alleges that John […] More

  • This folk-art Marilyn Monroe beehive sculpture rules

    This folk art Marilyn Monroe beehive sculpture by Birgit Maria Jönsson rules. The wooden sculpture of the cultural icon is great on its own, but as a bonus feature it has a beehive inside of it. This is one sculpture I would prefer to admire from afar!  There is a special little door for the […] More

  • The cutest cake on the internet

    A woodland rabbit cake deserves an award for being the cutest cake on the internet. I love the Calico Critters standing on it- I’ve never seen them used as cake toppers before. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, this cake  also looks like it tastes delicious. This beauty was created by Jiaxin’s homecafe (@h0mec4fe). Watching the blue/green […] More

  • Rotary phone repurposed with a Raspberry Pi

    Read the rules you agree to by using this website in our Terms of Service. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and […] More

  • PlayStation deleting TV shows that users already paid to “own”

    Playstation users who purchased certain TV shows are about to find out they never really owned them at all, as they will soon be removed from their libraries. Link to an article in Kotaku here. The latest pothole in the road to an all-digital future was discovered via a warning Sony recently sent out to […] More

  • If you’re having a rough day, these baby wallabies will cheer you up!

    If you’re in need of (more than) a little cuteness today, here you go. Check out this compilation of wallaby joeys from the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. In the video, you can see the adorable critters scratching their bellies, cleaning their snouts, slurping up water, munching on grass and other yummies, grooming each other, and more.  […] More

  • This eBook Creation Tool’s Cyber Monday price is still intact for a limited time!

    TL:DR; Backed by ChatGPT, My AI eBook Creation Pro helps you create your very own eBooks, even if you have no writing experience — all it takes is three simple clicks! And you can get a lifetime subscription at its Cyber Monday price through 12/3 at just $24.97! These days, it’s all about the art of the side […] More

  • Close your eyes and listen: Are these birds or humans?

    Check out some of the contestants participating in the songbird calling contest that’s part of the annual “Sagra dei Osei Cisano” festival held in Bardolino, Italy. Garda Tourism provides this overview of the festival: “Festival del Sisán” is the oldest fair of bird hunting sector in Veneto; fairs of this kind were created in the twelfth century in Northern […] More

  • Government of Honduras sued by billionaires over tax haven dispute

    Honduras Próspera, an organization based in Delaware, is suing the Honduran government for $11 billion. That’s about two-thirds of the country’s budget, or around a third of its annual GDP. What’s happening, and why are American “philanthropists” allowed to bring a governing body to court? After the 2009 military coup in Honduras, a Special Economic […] More

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