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  • 8 of the best landing page builders to try in 2024

    It goes without saying that landing pages play a critical role in any online marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking to sell a product, promote an event or attract signups to a newsletter, a great landing page has the power to focus your visitors’ attention on a singular topic. It also provides a space to tailor […] More

  • Which Backup Plugin Should You Use?

    Creating regular copies of your website can help safeguard you against data and content loss in the case of an emergency. But, with so many backup plugins to choose from, you might have a hard time picking one. If you’ve narrowed down your search, you may be considering UpdraftPlus vs Jetpack. The good news is […] More

  • strategies for managing and improving your own

    From the way you create a logo, to the words you use in your website copy—each element shapes how the public feels about your products and perceives your brand. Today, with more channels and outlets for customers to interact with your company—both positively and negatively—brand reputation is important to all business success, regardless if you […] More

  • 12 business ideas for students to start at college

    A student business idea is an entrepreneurial endeavor initiated by a college student. College students may start businesses for various reasons and these ventures can range from small side hustles to full-fledged startups. Learn more: How to choose a business idea Why might students need to start a business? There are many reasons why college […] More

  • 12 fashionable clothing business ideas

    If you’re thinking of starting a clothing business, understanding which clothing business idea to start can depend on a number of factors. These can range from the cost to set up a business, to your own passions and expertise. Clothing business ideas can be profitable if you choose the right idea and promote it effectively. […] More

  • 12 SEO Tips To Boost Your Wix Website Traffic

    Here at Wix, we believe that SEO is for everyone. Search engine optimization or SEO can be an integral part of your marketing strategy, helping your website and your business get found online. The natural consequence of being found online is typically more organic traffic from search engines. More traffic can then mean greater potential […] More

  • Website Menus: 10 Outstanding Examples

    Some websites leave us slightly disoriented, struggling to find the section we were looking for. Then there are those that feel like an effortless browse, as if one button intuitively leads us to the next. When creating a website, the different elements of the page should come together in guiding visitors through your site seamlessly […] More

  • How to use Twitter: An A-Z starter guide

  • from the phonebook to the world wide web

    If you’re of a certain age, you probably remember the satisfaction of flipping through the Yellow Pages. Whether you needed a plumber to fix that leaking faucet at home or the phone number of that new restaurant in town, the Yellow Pages have long been the gold standard of local directories. Today, Yellow Pages is […] More

  • The 13 Best Motivational Podcasts to Boost Your Confidence

    Motivation isn’t something that just comes to you. It’s a learned habit that can sometimes be difficult to achieve. Whether you want to improve your productivity, start that new art project, or even create a website, maintaining motivation is a valuable skill in all areas of life. So what can you turn to if you’re […] More

  • What Are They? And How to Use Them

    WordPress block patterns enable you to add pre-made designs to your posts and pages. Therefore, they’re a great way to quickly help your site look more professional. Like any unfamiliar feature, however, they may seem challenging to use at first glance. Fortunately, this tool is simple to learn and use. With just a little practice, […] More

  • 10 beauty business ideas for every aspiring entrepreneur

    When it comes to starting a beauty business, choosing the right business idea is everything. With this in mind, we’ve put together 10 popular and potentially profitable beauty business ideas to help you make the shift from beautician to entrepreneur and start a business, all while doing what you love. 10 beauty business ideas to […] More

  • Small Business Trends to Know for 2024

    The end of the year is a time of reflection, especially for business owners who want to reach new heights. Whether you’re thinking about updating your business website or restructuring your business development plan, it’s useful to pay attention to the shifting tides. Speaking with our Wix experts, we’ve compiled a list of emerging small […] More

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