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  • Homemade Overnight Oats Recipe (Steps + Video)

    Busy mornings are no excuse not to have a good breakfast! When I make this overnight oats recipe for my husband and kids, I can be sure everyone has a healthy start to the day. Plus, making oats for breakfast yourself ensures you’re eating nutritious ingredients rather than loads of sugar and artificial ingredients. This […] More

  • Homemade Zucchini Bread Recipe (Steps + Video!)

    When my kids were little, it was difficult to get them to eat zucchini. But they always ate zucchini bread when I made it. If you’re hoping to get your kids to eat more veggies or you just want something delicious to serve for breakfast, dessert, or a snack to send with your husband to […] More

  • Classic Sweet Potato Pie Recipe (Steps + Video!)

  • Roasted Butternut Squash Recipe (Steps + Video!)

    Have you ever had butternut squash? If not, you’re in for a nutritious and delicious treat your whole family is going to love. This roasted butternut squash recipe combines savory fresh herbs and a little maple syrup sweetness to bring out the naturally nutty flavors of this veggie. Serve it up for dinner tonight! Best […] More

  • Homemade Funnel Cake Recipe (Steps + Video!)

    The last time the county fair came through, my husband and I took the kids. We couldn’t resist the funnel cakes, or really anything else. Recently, we were reminiscing about how much fun we had and how good those funnel cakes were and I thought why not make them at home? Now you can too […] More

  • Classic Clam Chowder Recipe (Steps + Video!)

    Wishing for a seaside vacation? Well, you can get yourself partly there with this clam chowder recipe! Don’t buy that canned goo…make this authentic clam chowder and your family will swoon. My husband and kids actually cried when we polished off the last of it and promptly begged me to make more. Best Clam Chowder […] More

  • Grilled Chicken Breast Recipe with Marinade (Video)

    This juicy grilled chicken breast recipe with marinade will make the perfect main protein for any meal. Forget dry and chewy. When you make this marinaded chicken breast for your family, you’ll slice into tender juicy chicken packed full of flavor. My husband loves it sliced onto salad while the kids adore it with potato […] More

  • Homemade Lemon Curd Recipe (Steps + Video!)

    The last time I went to the supermarket with my kids who wanted EVERYTHING, they pointed out lemon curd. I started to reach for it and then thought better of it. Because this lemon curd recipe is so simple, so fresh, and so delicious, I definitely don’t need some pre-made store-bought gunk. When I make […] More

  • Classic Taco Soup Recipe (Step-by-Step Video!)

  • Classic Baklava Recipe (Step-by-Step with Video!)

    Baklava holds a special place in my heart for my husband and I traveled through Europe prior to kids and enjoyed this sweet and delicious dessert together. With crispy phyllo soaked in honey and an aroma that smells like heaven, this Baklava recipe is one of my favorite desserts to make the day before any […] More

  • Classic Red Velvet Cake Recipe (Steps + Video!)

    This homemade red velvet cake recipe is what my family begs me to make for every special occasion. The kids’ birthdays. My husband’s birthday. Easter. Any holiday or event, you name it! And I know it might sound intimidating but I’ll walk you through this step by step and you’ll see why it’s worth chucking […] More

  • The Perfect MEDIUM Steak Recipe (Video!)

    Steakhouse quality is yours at home any time you want it with this medium steak recipe. Medium steak temp is one of the most popular levels of doneness for a steak. It’s a little pink and juicy yet not done all the way, giving you the best of both worlds. Best Medium Steak Recipe My […] More