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  • Enhancing Your iPad Experience: Using External Webcams with iPadOS 17

    With the introduction of iPadOS 17, Apple has seamlessly integrated the capability of connecting an external webcam to your iPad. This feature, although often overlooked, offers substantial benefits to users. In this article, we’ll delve into why you should consider using an external webcam with your iPad and provide step-by-step instructions on how to connect […] More

  • Dispatch from the Future: The Must-Have Gadgets and Gear of 2053

    Smartwatches will still be popular (and fashionable), but instead of just counting reps, they’ll keep close tabs on a wider array of health conditions. New sensors that more accurately monitor blood pressure, glucose levels, and heart rate will feed data into an on-­device AI analysis engine that correlates any irregularities with the historical and real-time […] More

  • Spotify Is Screwed | WIRED

  • The Rise of AI in Alternative Browsers—and What’s Next

    Josh Miller laughs a few minutes into our conversation and admits that he almost declined today’s interview about The Browser Company. The young CEO is jetlagged from a flight to Paris but appears comfortable over Zoom and eager to talk about Arc, his company’s new AI-fortified web browser. So, what’s the reason for his hesitancy? […] More

  • George Santos Is Now on Cameo

    After being ousted from the House of Representatives last week, ex-congressman George Santos has officially joined Cameo, the platform famous for custom messages from celebrities and influencers. Though Santos has not yet posted anything to his Cameo profile, it advertises a selection of personally-recorded pep talks, “gossip,” roasts, and advice messages from Santos himself. These […] More

  • Experience the Joy of the Season with Apple’s ‘Let it Snow’ Trick

    At this time of the year, Apple once again embraces the holiday spirit, delighting its users with a festive surprise. If you’re a Christmas enthusiast and a loyal Apple product user, pay close attention to the enchanting trick we’re about to reveal. The ‘Let it Snow’ Christmas Trick on Apple This delightful trick is sure […] More

  • Want to Store a Message in DNA? That’ll Be $1,000

    DNA is nature’s original storage system. The molecule is made up of the chemical bases adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine—shortened to A, C, G, and T—which pair off to form a double helix. The order of these bases determines the genetic blueprint of every living organism. To store data in DNA, a file is converted […] More

  • Sony Access Controller Review: A Beautiful Addition for All Gamers

    Sony rightfully believes the haptics on its DualSense add such a layer of immersion that every PS5 since launch has come with Astro’s Playroom, the tech demo/video game that helps introduce you to the features of the console and its controller. This game expertly showcases the DualSense’s haptic abilities. The Access Controller does not have […] More

  • Gravity Eye Massager Review: Multi-Functional and Compact

    Do you ever wish you could put a massage gun directly on your eyeballs after a particularly long and stressful day? Or better yet, pop both eyes right out and give the socket a good rub before replacing them? Unfortunately, neither of those things are medically advisable. Instead, I’ve been getting some relief thanks to […] More

  • Google Drive’s Revamped Interface: What’s New and How to Make It Your Own

    Google Drive, one of the most renowned cloud storage services, is accessible both on its official website and as a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. This versatile platform allows you to store a wide range of files, including photos, documents, forms, and various folders that you can easily edit and modify to suit […] More

  • Innovation-Killing Noncompete Agreements Are Finally Dying

    One of the most stunning twists in the recent five-day crisis at ChatGPT creator OpenAI came when some 95 percent of the company’s hundreds of employees threatened to quit. The staff planned to follow CEO Sam Altman to develop successors to ChatGPT at Microsoft instead. The threat appeared to mark a turning point in Altman’s […] More

  • Inside America’s School Internet Censorship Machine

    APS, which installed Blocksi in May, stopped using the filter on most of its devices in August due to its restrictiveness, Harris says, and returned to the GoGuardian filter it used before the switch. Our investigation raises questions about the appropriateness and implementation of GoGuardian’s filter as well. In May, before the district switched to […] More

  • Enhancing Security with Google Drive: How to Analyze Documents for Viruses

    Google Drive is a highly versatile cloud-based platform that offers a multitude of benefits. It serves as a storage solution, a means to share files with others, a tool for seamless data exchange between devices, and an avenue to free up storage space. However, it can also play a crucial role in enhancing your security. […] More

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