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  • ‘Across the side aisle is crazy’: Man on flight takes ‘manspreading’ to a new level

    A TikTok user posted a video of a man on her flight taking manspreading to the extreme. The video has gone viral, prompting a frenzy of angry responses from viewers. “GOODBYE,” TikToker Claire and Peter (@claireandpeter) captioned the video. It shows Claire sitting in her seat on the plane with her mouth covered in shock. […] More

  • 9xmovies 2023: Download Free Latest Movies Hollywood, Bollywood

    An unofficial public torrent website is called 9xmovies. The 9x movie website is well-known for allowing customers to watch or download latest free movies illegally in a variety of languages. A variety of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and even English movies are available for free illegal download on the 9xmovies website. 9xmovies 2023: Download Free Movies […] More

  • Did you know the secret meaning of the popular Cola-flavoured drink?

    Fans of Pepsi exclaim, “I had NO idea,” realizing that the drink’s name has a hidden significance that they have only recently learned. Did you know the background of the well-known Cola-flavored beverage? The hidden significance behind the name of the well-known soft drink, PEPSI, has stunned aficionados. There is a hidden meaning behind Pepsi’s […] More

  • Report shows that Twitter only has a handful of moderators for languages spoken by millions

    A recent report shows that X employs very few moderators whose primary languages are spoken by millions of users. According to the platform’s transparency report filed to the European Commission at the end of October, less than 10% of its 2,294 moderators for the European Union (EU) primarily speak languages other than English. This includes […] More

  • Now I'm global sex symbol after Starring in Netflix's raunchiest film

    I was a soap star before becoming a global sex icon and the lead in the raunchiest Netflix film. Giovanna Lancellotti, star of Netflix’s wildly popular sexual drama Burning Betrayal, revealed exclusively that she left the world of Brazilian film to pursue seductive feature films. With Netflix continuing to release raucous movies all over the […] More

  • ‘He started a WAR’: Customer exposes Outback Steakhouse’s bread recipe after they refuse to sell him breadboard

    Jordan (jordan_the_stallion8), a TikTok influencer with 11.4M followers, recently embarked on a quest to acquire a breadboard from Outback Steakhouse which was a trend started by another creator, Camile (@camiilesmiith). This seemingly simple mission turned into a viral sensation, garnering 1.9 million views and drawing comparisons to the beloved TikTok food reviewer, Keith Lee (@keith_lee125). […] More

  • Toast, laugh, point: Which Leonardo DiCaprio meme are you?

    Leonardo DiCaprio can give a great impromptu reaction, as witnessed live during the 2016 Golden Globes. But DiCaprio has also become a reaction meme himself. Unlike Ben Affleck, who’s become a meme for his off-screen moments, DiCaprio’s movie roles (and the age-gap discourse around his dating life) are largely the source of his memes. Here’s […] More

  • ‘I was scared’: Influencer accused influencer with ‘millions’ of followers of assault

    In a viral video, TikTok creator Robbi O’Connell (known as Meeposaurus online) accused popular influencer Salah Brooks of sexually assaulting her. She also alleged the influencer took advantage of young fans and convinced teens to have threesomes with her and her then-boyfriend. Brooks (@salah) has a following of over 6.5 million people, and her videos […] More

  • ‘New Moms for Liberty recruitment poster’: Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Alina Habba photo at Mar-a-Lago gets memed

    An image of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Trump attorney Alina Habba has many critics on social media coming up with snarky nicknames for the trio. The three women were pictured together during an event at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club. Guilfoyle, a conservative television news personality and ex-Trump advisor, hosted […] More

  • Israeli news site accuses Arab media of using photo of doll to fake Palestinian baby’s death

    The Jerusalem Post deleted an article from its website over the weekend that falsely claimed a dead Palestinian baby was actually a doll. The allegations first arose on Friday after video and photos of the child began spreading across social media. Prominent users on X, primarily among the far-right, proclaimed that the infant, identified as […] More

  • Stunning model known as the "World's Sexiest Jockey" with net worth of over £15million

    Even though it’s not considered the most attractive sport, Chantal Sutherland has made money by combining photo shoots with horse races. The world’s most beautiful rider, Chantal Sutherland, made the wise decision to pursue a career in horse racing rather than modeling as she known as the “World’s Sexiest Jockey”. Sutherland has racked up millions […] More

  • TGIF! Celebrate the end of the week with funny Friday memes

    For many people, Friday is without doubt the best day of the week, and it’s hard to argue with that. With everyone in such a good mood on Fridays, there’s no better time to further amp up the mood than with some funny Friday memes. They’re the perfect way to capture the celebratory mood of the […] More

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