Ekta Kapoor gives a powerful speech after becoming the first Indian female filmmaker to win at Emmys [Watch]


International Emmy Awards 2023: Ekta Kapoor dedicates her award to her country India as she gets emotional in her speech while receiving her 51st International Emmy Awards.

What a big victory! Ekta Kapoor has made India proud as she becomes the first Indian filmmaker to win the 51st International Emmy Awards in the Emmys Directorate Award. Ekta is beaming with joy to bring this award to her home country, India, and thanked everyone for believing in her. Fans are cheering loudest for Ektaa, as she definitely deserves this. Ektaa R Kapoor has been ruling the entertainment industry over the years in every sector, from television to films to OTT. And with winning Emmys she has added one more feather to her hat!

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