Hunter X Hunter Ending: Why did author Yoshihiro Togashi reveal the ending of the series? EXPLAINED

Yoshihiro Togashi’s health has been a recurring headline for the past multiple years. And Hunter X Hunter manga has seen numerous hiatuses and comebacks owing to his poor health. This week, the author sat for an interview in Japan. While the interview is yet to be released in the West, translations of it are making waves across the internet. Here is what the story behind Hunter X Hunter’s ending is all about.

Hunter X Hunter [Image Credit- Crunchyroll, Studio Madhouse]

Hunter X Hunter ending announcement and scenarios

In a recent online interview with TV Asahi’s Iwakura and Yoshizumi Show, manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi, renowned as the creator of the beloved series Hunter x Hunter, shared intriguing details about the potential endings he envisions for the manga. Scheduled to air on November 21, 2023, the interview, which has already been leaked, provides a rare glimpse into Togashi’s creative process and the challenges he faces in concluding the series.

Here, the artist mentioned four scenarios in which the series could end, based on the readers’ satisfaction.

What is the reason behind an early ending revelation?

Togashi, known for his health struggles and the resultant inconsistent release schedules, has taken a precautionary step to ensure fans are not left in limbo if he is unable to complete Hunter x Hunter. Fearing the possibility of his untimely demise, Togashi disclosed not one, but four potential endings for the series. 

With three of them kept under wraps, he emphasized the importance of providing closure to fans in case he is unable to finalize the story. This move, while melancholic, reflects Togashi’s dedication to his audience and his desire to avoid an unfinished narrative.

Hunter X Hunter [Image Credit- Crunchyroll, Studio Madhouse]

Hunter X Hunter: Potential return possibilities explored

While Togashi’s health concerns have led to extended hiatuses, there is a glimmer of hope for fans longing for the continuation of Hunter x Hunter. The manga artist’s decision to reveal alternative endings suggests a thoughtful approach to addressing potential challenges. Despite the uncertainty surrounding Togashi’s health, the fact that he has not disclosed the primary three endings in detail may indicate that his condition is not critical. Fans, eager for the saga’s conclusion, can take solace in the possibility that Togashi may eventually return to continue and conclude the series.

In conclusion, Togashi’s candid interview sheds light on the complex considerations and emotions involved in concluding Hunter x Hunter. As fans eagerly await the airing of the full interview, they can appreciate the artist’s commitment to both his creation and the devoted readership that has accompanied him on this journey. Whether Hunter x Hunter continues or concludes with one of the revealed endings, Togashi’s transparency provides a unique and poignant moment in the world of manga storytelling.

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