Jawan Final Box Office collections: Shah Rukh Khan film closes over 400Cr Overseas and 1150Cr Worldwide

Jawan has concluded its journey at the international box office, amassing a staggering USD 48.75 million (Rs. 405 crore). This positions the Shah Rukh Khan starrer as the second-highest-grossing Bollywood film overseas, sans China, trailing only behind his earlier release of the year, Pathaan, which amassed USD 49.50 million. From a global standpoint, Jawan has outshone Pathaan, thanks to a significant lead in India with a gross of Rs. 761 crore, bringing its worldwide total to Rs. 1166 crore as against Rs. 1047 crore of Pathaan.

The SRK‘s duo of Jawan and Pathaan has not only rewritten the records but has elevated the overseas box office to unprecedented heights. Prior to this year, the top-performing films from Bollywood typically hovered in the USD 20-30 million range. Jawan and Pathaan took a giant leap and have essentially doubled that number, nearing the USD 50 million mark.

Comparing Jawan and Pathaan, there is a USD 750K difference between the two in overseas, USD 350K of that is from Japan and Russia releases, which Jawan shall also have in the future. The rest could largely be attributed to exchange rate differences, making both films virtually similar. However, the composition of the two is quite different, with Jawan leading in Asia while Pathaan leading by a similar amount in Europe and the Americas. 

The standout performance for Jawan is Gulf countries, where it became highest highest-grossing Indian film of all time, overtaking Pathaan. Bangladesh, where the long-standing ban on Indian films was lifted this year had a phenomenal turnout, going over the million-dollar mark. Singapore and Sri Lanka also saw record numbers for a Bollywood film while Australia came really close to reaching the top spot. In North America, the United Kingdom, Europe and New Zealand, Jawan is second only to Pathaan.

The territorial breakdown for the overseas box office collection of Jawan is below. 

Americas: USD 15,425,000

United States: USD 9,970,000
Canada: USD 5,280,000
Rest of America: USD 175,000

Asia/Oceania: USD 8,775,000

Australia: USD 3,000,000
Malaysia: USD 1,260,000
Bangladesh: USD 1,250,000 Approx
Nepal: USD 950,000 Approx
Singapore: USD 800,000
New Zealand: USD 565,000
Sri Lanka: USD 450,000 Approx
Rest of Asia: USD 500,000

Middle East and Africa: USD 18,150,000

UAE: USD 9,200,000
GCC: USD 5,000,000
Saudi Arabia: USD 3,225,000
Rest of M.E.: USD 300,000
Africa: USD 425,000

Europe: USD 6,400,000

United Kingdom: USD 3,840,000
Germany: USD 750,000
France: USD 425,000
Nordics: USD 380,000
Netherlands: USD 355,000
Rest of Europe: USD 650,000

Total: USD 48,750,000 / Rs. 405 crores

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